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How Your Job Can Change as a Translation Company Grows

How Your Job Can Change as a Translation Company Grows

How long does it take a translation company to go from a couple of translators on their computers to a multimillion-dollar conglomerate? Well, it doesn’t happen overnight. Business owners and employees alike should expect some growing pains along with the hoped-for benefits. Here are some of the most common ways workers may experience the growth of an LSP on a day-to-day basis.

The Scope of Your Work May Narrow

Employees at start-ups and small companies often wear many hats, especially those workers in roles that interact with many different departments, such as operations managers. As more employees come on board, individuals can focus on more specific projects, ideally allowing for opportunities to specialize and excel in their chosen fields.

Colleagues Bond by Department

In some ways, it’s a numbers game: Professionals typically grow closest to colleagues with whom they spend the most time. When a business grows and teams become more “siloed,” these relationships tend to fall along departmental lines. 

The Big Picture May Be Obscured

Workers are often given a glimpse of a smaller LSP’s long-term goals and performance. In larger companies, employees are less likely to grasp how exactly their work contributes to the success of the business — another result of more siloed departments. 

The Antidote?

You can’t put the genie back in the bottle — nor would most business owners want to scale back their growth. In most cases, though, communication goes a long way toward motivating employees and helping them feel included. Employees should also feel empowered to suggest these kinds of initiatives. What could this look like at an LSP?

  • Quarterly meetings for workers at all levels to understand the company’s performance
  • Weekly one-on-ones where professionals and their managers can discuss (among other topics) how their work contributes to company goals
  • A monthly newsletter for employees that recognizes outstanding performance by individuals and elucidates progress on ongoing projects
  • A range of (optional) activities to promote inter-departmental rapport