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Parlay Your Language Skills Into a Job

Parlay Your Language Skills Into a Job

If you think translators are the only ones in the translation industry who use language skills to make a living, think again. From the C-suite to the frontlines of recruitment and everywhere in between, multilingual employees of language service providers (LSPs) simply get more done.

Marketing Experts

Marketing professionals with both linguistic abilities and cultural know-how can give their LSP an edge over competitors. For example, country-specific SEO incorporates native speakers’ search habits to elevate the LSP to the top of relevant search results. 

Project Managers

PMs have plenty on their plates: They juggle multiple projects, deadlines, and clients all at once. Add another language to the mix and PMs can clarify specifications with customers; answer translators’ questions in their native language; and even provide a gut-check on content in a pinch.

Business Development Managers

To court potential clients, BDMs need to know their pain points — and explain how their LSP can help. Researching the issues that matter to customers in their native language, or in the language of the market they’re trying to reach, adds authenticity and authority to a pitch.

Vendor Managers

It might sound counterintuitive, but language skills are also helpful for VMs, whose main contacts are the language experts themselves. VMs field tech questions, mediate misunderstandings, and set terms of working agreements. Many translators appreciate when a VM is able to navigate these situations in their preferred language.