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What’s So Special About Working in the Translation Industry?

What’s So Special About Working in the Translation Industry?

Whether you’re sending out feelers or about to accept an offer, working in the translation industry brings with it some specific challenges and opportunities. Here’s how to face some of the most common industry-specific situations.

Clear Communication

Adapting messages for different cultures is most translation company’s bread and butter, but when colleagues (and freelancers) with a variety of native languages work together behind the scenes, communicating clearly is a must. When in doubt, simplify your text, ask yes or no questions, and confirm that you’re on the same page.

Sounding Boards

Many professionals in the translation industry actually got their start outside of an agency. They can use their education and experience in other fields to offer a gut check on subject matter, or on a creative way to approach a project.

One-Off Versus Long-Term Clients

Unlike enterprise clients looking to break into new markets, one-offs are typically individuals who need documents such as birth certificates, transcripts, and diplomas translated for personal use. Ensuring a positive experience for those clients can translate into referrals to friends and family.

Time Zones

The translation industry used technology to collaborate with professionals in other countries long before the pandemic. Be prepared to coordinate with clients, freelancers, and coworkers across time zones. Purposefully “staggered” set-ups allow LSPs to handle incoming requests from clients in other locales — and deliver projects — around the clock.