Diction AG

From a one-man show to a ISO 17100-certified and ISO 9001-certified language and service provider with more than 100 employees: for many years now, renowned clients have relied on our first-class translation and editing services in several specialist areas and over 30 languages, as well as our creative copywriting. We believe in constantly striving to be better at what we do. This is something that our team try to achieve each and every day through an unwavering determination to deliver exactly what our clients want and by sharing the responsibility for doing so throughout the team. This is not something that would be possible with an anonymous database of 6,000 freelancers for 492 languages; instead, we rely primarily on our in-house team and a select circle of external specialists, all of whom we know and trust.

What drives us is our desire to be the kind of company of which we ourselves would be satisfied customers. Of course we don’t claim to achieve perfection in all that we do, but that doesn’t stop us from striving to attain it – and if we ever do fall short of our own high ambitions, we always stick to our principle of aiming to provide the best service we possibly can – being there when our clients need us, even outside office hours, is just one example.