Pixwel LLC


Pixwel specializes in editorial, localization and international distribution for theatrical and steaming movie marketing campaigns. We are a team of hard working souls that do extraordinary things with audio video, distribution, linguistics, scripting+automation and media technology.

THE PLATFORM : Collaborative Movie Distribution Technology

Pixwel is a collaborative workflow, localization, and digital distribution platform for the motion picture industry. Hollywood studios deploy our products to launch the movies and shows that the world enjoys.

THE TEAM : A Small Band of Imaginative Geeks

We are a tight-knit team of software developers, surfers, account executives, film nerds, social activists, musicians, and engineers. We work together. We learn together. We create together. We all thrive in a fast-paced product development environment. And, we have palm trees in our parking lot. This is Hollywood, after all. We have fun.


If a Pixwel product is perfect today, it will be obsolete tomorrow. That is a guarantee. That is a mighty big challenge. And we love it. We get to work on super cool development stuff that really stretches our brains. A big part of Pixwel's collective innovation and creativity is because of the technology we have chosen. While we are constantly testing and evaluating new software, right now the web tech stack we love includes Angular JS, PHP, NodeJS, MongoDb, Elasticsearch, Ansible, Amazon Web Services, and a variety of others. Our technology gives us the firepower to as flexible, fast, and secure as our clients demand.

THE FUTURE : We Create and Ship Beautiful Products

Pixwel has been successfully creating next generation products for 10+ years. This only happens because every member of our team embraces their unique role in the product creation process. As our team grows, we actively pursue and covet talented new team members that will do the same.

THE CULTURE : Relentless Innovation

Our clients are the largest names in the entertainment industry. They ONLY utilize the latest in bleeding-edge technology. They demand the best from our product, our infrastructure, our tools integrity, and our creative product development. This reality, this pressure, adds a certain excitement to the Pixwel culture. Not only do we address the technical challenges that arise today, we must also look around corners and develop new tools for tomorrow. This innovation comes from free-thinking, digging into new software, messing up whiteboards, trial, error, and our continued exploration of technology.