About us

Traductanet, the trading name of the Traducta translation agency, is a language services company with more than 35 years of experience and offices in Europe and South America.

Traductanet is part of the t’works Group, a language services provider that specialises in complex and customised translation services. It has 14 offices employing over 200 people spread across Europe, North America and South America. The t’works Group ranks 55th among the world’s top 100 language service providers.

Our team specialises in translation, software and website localisation, transcreation, multilingual SEO, content creation and interpreting in the world’s most common languages. Our team is made up of professionals around the world who translate only into their mother tongue.

We have ISO 9001 and 17100 certification and provide our customers with high-quality work in many specialised areas, including law, finances, pharmacy, engineering, automotive industry, telecommunications, information technology, retail, banking, tourism and much more. We also regularly provide translation services to international organisations, such as the European Union (since 1985) and the United Nations (since 2004).

With our recognised experience and international renown in the translation and interpreting sector, Traductanet helps its customers overcome the challenges of globalisation.