Travod International Ltd

Travod International is your global content service partner offering customized and agile technology to entrepreneurs and global enterprises so that they build successful international businesses and continuously enhance their global customer experience.

We help brands go global, get products to market faster and avoid the internationalization pitfalls through a mature, simple and fast localisation process. We support clients with:
• Global communications into 100 languages;
• Global customer experience;
• International sales/commercial and technical collateral;
• Social channels content and blog articles;
• A consolidated and simple content management workflow;
• CMS-platform integration.

We take company product content and make it reliable for mass consumption so that our clients can compete in international markets with ease and stay ahead of competitors.

Our cutting-edge, custom-made cloud solution, Traduno, connects with your own content creation workflows making communication with anyone in the world as easy as pressing a button. It can help you manage how your content is written, localized, controlled and distributed across the business. Being technology savvy means we never translate the same thing twice, saving you money, guaranteeing consistency and speeding up your time to global markets.