Fidel Technologies KK

Fidel Technologies is a LangTech firm with strong engineering & language capabilities. Based in Japan with group companies in India since 2001, Fidel offers solutions and services in 3 core areas namely – Technology – Localization – Consulting & Resourcing. Fidel works with global end user firms, LSPs, startups, B2C-B2B firms and enterprise product firms. 

Services Include:

  • Software localization, UI testing and language engineering services  
  • API integration services for cloud, chatbot platforms, enterprise application platforms as well as cloud management and infra services
  • Connector development for WordPress / AEM / other CMS 
  • Translation of manuals, marketing collaterals, websites 
  • Video subtitling, transcription, voiceover  
  • Transcription, annotation 
  • Data creation & QA for training AI engine (audio / text / images) 
  • Contents creation (for educational purpose / for website contents ) 
  • Website contents change management (eg. Adobe experience manager CMS / WordPress CMS / Drupal – Joomla CMS) 
  • Resourcing support for roles such as Project managers, translators, interpreters and language engineers