Akkadu is a cloud-based platform helping translation agencies and virtual platforms provide to their clients:

🔹 Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)
🔹 RSI + AI Recognized Subtitles
🔹 AI Translated Subtitles
🔹 Live Captioning

Why do clients love Akkadu?

✅ Pay as you go
✅ 24/7 customer support
✅ AI Subtitles support +90 different languages
✅ Available SDK, RTMP, and REST API to automatize the whole process

More info:

▪️ www.akkadu.com
▪️ SDK, RTMP and REST API: rsi.akkadu.com

In Akkadu we firmly believe this world would be a better place if we could understand and learn from each other regardless of the language.

Let's change this world together! 🚀