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But that’s not where our mission ends. We’ve taken everything we learned from Bloomberg, the company, and we’ve put it into Bloomberg Philanthropies – along with almost all of our profits – to help save and improve lives across the globe. So whether you work for Bloomberg or with us, know that together our work is changing the world.

Full time
Blooomberg Princeton, NJ
Bloomberg runs on data and technology. In our Data department, we’re responsible for on-boarding, analyzing, applying, and supplying it so our clients can make informed decisions from a global perspective. We then take this perspective and bring data solutions to local markets. We solve for the problems of tomorrow.   What’s the role? You will be joining our Localization team that supports Bloomberg’s products for the French speaking market. As part of our global Localization team you will be responsible for providing high quality French translations such as software localization, marketing materials, company information and financial content, and QA of analytical tools to our local clients. You will work closely with other Localization Specialists, Sales and Product teams, Data Analysts, and Software Developers to adapt our product for the local market. Join our growing global Localization team that supports Bloomberg sales efforts by providing products for the French speaking...