May 17, 2022

Product Manager - Start Up, Automation & Localization iPaaS

  • Anzu Global, LLC
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Job Description

Product Manager - Start Up, Automation & Localization iPaaS

My Client is create a start up, creating and innovative Integration and Automation Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for the Localization industry. The product facilitates intra- and inter-organization application communication, allowing end users to define their own workflows and reducing manual efforts in traditionally human-centered contexts. Today, this company is focusing on the need of the languages services industry (a USD $24bn market). In the future, it may well expand this concept to other industries.

The product will work natively as a façade, efficiently replacing existing integration endpoints to minimize migration efforts, while drastically reducing the development cost and effort of an ecosystem consolidation. The product will be agnostic – not advocating for human-centric or machine-centric implementations, but instead offering possibilities to all organizations, as well as advice and insights.

The client is embracing a fully remote culture within a 7 hours time span, in order to facilitate communications.

The Role

The Product Manager is a member of our Agile Team responsible for defining user stories and prioritizing the team backlog to streamline the execution of program priorities while maintaining the conceptual and technical integrity of the features or components for the team. You'll develop a broad understanding of the Localization industry and the technology underlying our product.

You will act as a bridge between customers and developers, transforming user stories into functional specifications and roadmap items.  You will sift through the many ideas we and you have about the product and help determine where our priorities should lie, balancing features against cost and time to market.

The role has significant relationships and responsibilities outside the local team, including working with customers, business owners, designers, and other stakeholders, identifying needs and pain points and contributing heavily to the product roadmap.

The Opportunity

Looking for a Product Manager/Owner, to join a team of talented people. If…

  • You have 3+ years of significant experience
  • You have excellent communications skills, know how to extract complex technical information and synthesize it into understandable  user requirements and into product vision and functional specifications.
  • You are effective in an Agile environment
  • You can handle a roadmap and oversee backlog prioritization
  • You have excellent communication skills with the whole spectrum of stakeholders
  • An understanding of the Localization and / or Automation industry sets you apart as a candidate, as does knowledge of product analytics.  A strong interest is absolutely required
  • Start up or small company experience is strongly preferred
  • Competitive salaries, strong benefits and future stock options

For more information contact Jeanne or Marcia

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