Oct 12, 2020

Vendor Manager - Athens

  • Lion People Global
  • Athens, Greece
Full time Vendor Management

Job Description

The Vendor Manager is responsible for the execution of the company’s upper management directions, as communicated via the Vendor Management Lead, regarding the company strategy in respect to vendor management, ensuring and improving the performance, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of the Vendor Management Process. The Vendor Manager is responsible to build a network of reliable and dedicated vendors, per language combination and contract/industry, maintain it and enhance it as the company’s needs will evolve, change and adapt to market needs.

Tasks and responsibilities:

• Cooperation and coordination with company functions/departments, for defining and resolving current and future vendor needs.

• Selection, interviewing, recruitment, evaluation of vendors, both Inlancers and Freelancers for all company contracts/projects and markets.

• Researching potential vendor CVs, creation of the Job Openings, selection of relevant CVs, creation of the sample tests, assigning the samples to the potential/candidate vendors, as well as to the respective reviser/reviewer with deadlines.

• Informing the vendors for the sample evaluation and importing the revised sample test in Zoho, along with the details regarding the sample score and the overall assessment from the reviser.

• Selection, interviewing, recruitment, evaluation of LQI specialists for all company contracts/projects and markets.

• Selection, interviewing, recruitment, evaluation of Language Leads for all company contracts/projects and markets.

• Urgent staffing, applying problem-solving techniques, by checking availability of all vendors via telephone calls and e-mails.

• Coaching/Training of Language Leads for company tenders.

• Supervision of the work of the Language Leads, coaching their adherence to the Language Lead activity.

• Running the trainings and induction courses, in case of Trainer or Vendor Management Lead unavailability, on the CAT Tools and company procedures through live webinars.

• Follow up on the vendors to check on progress in studying the training material, or if they face any problem with CITRIX or with MemSource; in case there is any issue, inform the Trainer/Language Lead and plan additional training session or tests to verify understanding.

• Check resource availability for all language combinations, assisting the PM department.

• Assignment of recruitment tasks and other related tasks to the Assistant Vendor Manager, along with specific instructions and personal supervision.

• Daily coaching, monitoring and evaluation of the results of the Assistant Vendor Manager.

• Attending coordination meetings with the Vendor Management team; participating and contributing to other functional/departmental meetings.

• Creation of reports for tracking the recruited Freelancers and Inlancers correspondence to specific openings.

• Negotiation of rates with all new and existing vendors.

• Search/Find cost-effective solutions in terms of vendors.

• Performance monitoring of new vendors in terms of productivity, time and quality.

• Support to the Contract Manager in the case of new Tender submission; Preparation of Tenders (company documentation and language resources part) assisting the Contract Manager.

• Assignment and quality check of “sample translations” coming from the Sales Department for new local and international customers.

• Support to the Sales Department in responding to requests regarding vendor’s costs in order to configure the more advantageous offer to the customer.

• Preparation of Training Material for new translators on the company procedures and the CAT tools.

• Preparation, assignment and monitoring of the vendor post-editing training and assessment activity through the appropriate employed tool (TAUS).

• Data entry and EBS data management (new vendor data, modify existing vendors data, update rates/language combinations).

• Support for MemSource-related issues/queries of vendors.

• Perform risk management assessments to minimize vendor risks.

• Collect and adhere to the defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), striving for continuous improvement.

• Improve Vendor Management processes, procedures and work instructions in support of operational and organizational goals.

• Protects organization's value by keeping information confidential.

• Adhere to company policies, processes, procedures and work instructions, subject to internal audits.

• Continuous personal improvement via trainings and seminars on Vendor Management tools and methodologies.

Education and experience:

• University degree in Business Administration, Management, Human Resources or an industry related field (Translation, Languages or Linguistics); Post-graduate degree in a related field

• Industry relevant production experience

• Knowledge and experience in vendor management methodologies and best practices

• Knowledge of human resources principles and practices

• Knowledge and understanding of Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools

• Knowledge and understanding of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems

• Information technology skills

• Negotiations & Training skills

Key competences:

• Evaluation skills

• Commercial & market awareness

• Commitment

• Accountability

• Critical thinking and problem solving skills

• Planning and organizing

• Decision-making

• Communication skills

• Persuasiveness

• Influencing and leading

• Delegation

• Team work & Team management

• Adaptability

• Stress tolerance