Nov 02, 2023

Senior Solutions Architect

  • Remote
  • $80,000 - $130,000 yearly
Full time Localization Engineering Solutions Architecture

Job Description

Blackbird is a low-code no-code platform designed to orchestrate workflows, integrate systems, and enable AI for the language industry. We're "Innovator of the Year 2023", earning this title for winning LocWorld's Process Innovation Challenge in Malmö, Sweden.

We're looking for a Senior Solutions Architect to join our team which is currently 15 people strong. Your mission: design and build empowering solutions for our partners using!

Your Responsibilities

  • Work directly with clients, prospects and partners; participate in calls and meetings
  • Find the best solution using Blackbird to solve identified business or process problems
  • Define specifications according to which solutions are defined, managed, and delivered
  • Advocate for Blackbird's solutions, providing tailored recommendations and strategies to meet client requirements
  • Analyze the technology environment
  • Analyze and document requirements
  • Create solution prototypes
  • Lead solution development
  • Support product management and the Blackbird solutions delivery team
  • Participate in conferences and professional events, both offline and online

Skills and Qualifications

  • 5+ years of solutions architecting experience in the language industry
  • Strong understanding of continuous localization frameworks and technologies
  • Experience in stakeholder management
  • Presentation and public speaking skills
  • Excellence in thought leadership and innovation
  • Experience with nocode/lowcode technologies, automation and iPaaS
  • Understand front-end and back-end technologies, SDK frameworks, DevOps, content management systems (CMS), translation management systems (TMS), container platforms
  • Understand NLP and LLM technologies, experience with prompt engineering

Our team works remotely in the following locations: Budapest, Kyiv, New York, Toronto, Utrecht.

We can offer an attractive combination of market-rate salary, stock options, a great work culture, and a meaningful mission to shape the future of the language industry!


We identify three major ecosystems that aims to unite:

1st Ecosystem: Language Operations - LangOps. This encompasses the apps and systems featured in Nimdzi’s Technology Atlas. Principal categories include Translation Management, Business Management, Machine Translation, Audiovisual Tools and Quality Management. We integrate with many of these vendors, including memoQ, Lokalise, Crowdin, Phrase, Plunet, XTRF, CaptionHub, Custom.MT, Trados, Language Weaver, TAUS, Modelfront, and many others.

2nd Ecosystem: Content Operations - ContentOps. This covers apps and systems utilized to create, store, publish, manage, distribute, or measure (multilingual) content. Central categories include Content Management Systems, Cloud Storage/Sync, Analytics, and Code Repositories. Again, we integrate with and partnered with many of these vendors, including Adobe, Amazon, Github, Google, HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, Sitecore, Microsoft, Zendesk, and many others.

3rd Ecosystem: AI Operations - AIOps. This pertains to apps and systems dedicated to the efficient deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of AI technologies. This includes foundational model APIs, vector databases, and other tools designed to refine specific workflow segments, such as testing prompts, gathering human feedback, or evaluating datasets. We have integrations with Amazon Bedrock, Amazon Comprehend, Cohere AI, Hugging Face, OpenAI, Pinecone, and many others.

We believe that the language industry's future will be profoundly shaped by the convergence of these three ecosystems and the specialized knowledge necessary to navigate them. By fostering not only connectivity but also comprehensive workflow orchestration and process automation, Blackbird aims to expedite this strategic transition.

This convergence also means that Blackbird can cater to not just the language industry but also the content industry, including media companies, agencies and enterprise marketing teams. We already support business apps like Asana, Google Analytics, JIRA, Quickbooks and Wise.