Jan 21, 2024

Freelance Subtitle Translator (Ongoing Projects)

  • Rev
  • Remote
  • $15.00 - $35.00 hourly
Freelancer Translation Localization Editing Post-Editing Machine Translation Subtitling

Job Description

As a freelance Rev Subtitler, you'll choose from a wide array of videos, typically with English Captions already provided, and translate the speech into another language using our proprietary subtitling software. Pay ranges from $1.70 USD to $8.00 USD per video minute, depending on the language and video.

We offer the flexibility to claim Subtitle projects whenever is convenient for you, and we often have a wide range of content from classic TV shows to modern movies to educational videos and more.

1. Receive weekly payouts via PayPal for work completed.
2. Work your own hours.
3. Choose which projects to work on.
4. All software is provided.

Currently accepting freelancers in:

  • AR Arabic
  • CS Czech
  • DE German
  • ES-ES Spanish (Spain)
  • ES-LA Spanish (Latin American)
  • FR French
  • HI Hindi
  • IT Italian
  • JA Japanese
  • KO Korean
  • NL Dutch
  • PL Polish
  • PT-BR Brazilian Portuguese
  • RU Russian
  • TR Turkish
  • ZH-SI Chinese Simplified
  • ZH-TR Chinese Traditional

Native fluency is preferred but not required. Pre-qualified candidates will be invited to take a language assessment to determine skill level.