Oct 12, 2020


  • Anzu Global, LLC
  • Remote
Contractor Translation Localization Engineering

Job Description

We are currently looking for a candidate to fill a Norwegian Language Expert position in a NLU (Natural Language Understanding) project. We’d like the consultant to have a basic background in Norwegian linguistics and experience working in a Linux environment including basic Unix commands (opening files, navigating from one directory to another, creating files, running script; script creation is not required). Experience in NLP is a preferred skill. The principal responsibilities include ASR and NLU accuracy improvement, error analysis, localization, and annotation

Tasks description: Thorough study of the project specifications resulting in excellent understanding of topics covered in the project
• Text data cleaning and annotation
• Creation of the NLU models
• Experience in a Linux/Unix environment (This includes using the command line in a terminal (e.g., PuTTY, cygwin), running scripts in a terminal)
• Optimization of the NLU models, error analysis and correction
• Precise and thorough approach to work
• Attention to detail and patience (required for work with high amounts of text data)
• Willingness to learn (we will provide training and support)
• Proficiency in English
• Linguist-level knowledge of the mother tongue Norwegian
• Theoretical linguistic background
• Knowledge of XML and Python is an advantage, one should be able to use the tools that we will provide