Sep 03, 2021

Senior Localization Engineer - Europe Time Zone

  • Compass Languages
  • Remote (Europe)
  • $4,000 - $4,500 monthly
Full time Localization Engineering Solutions Architecture Translation Technology (CAT, TMS and MT)

Job Description

Production Process Support (in support of CTO & Production Director)

  • As requested, perform file preparation and project analysis for the purpose of extracting pertinent data from source content so that an accurate quote can be calculated. This includes authoring tool content, website content, software segments/coding, videos, and other content that may be found within custom CMS/LMS platforms.
  • As requested, perform MemoQ analysis on source files and prepare RTF files for PMs; this may include manipulation of 100% match and repeated segments so to reduce translation costs.
  • Assist with accessing content and preparing formats within client files that Compass PMs cannot access with existing applications.
  • For more complex projects, provide day-to-day engineering support in loading translated content into customer website, LMS, or CMS – and assure full functionality of content within platform.


Production Process Trouble-shooting/Innovation

  • Respond to in-house production process breakdowns, trouble-shoot and fix automated processes that have issues (PMBots, MemoQ, REST, other APIs)
  • Assist with creating and implementing more efficient and/or fully automated production steps for frequently occurring projects (or single high-volume project) that are currently too labor-intensive.
  • Respond to, and solve, company infrastructure issues in the areas of mass storage of data, cybersecurity requirements, global connectivity of Compass staff, and project management tools (Asana, Jira, etc.) that keep all resources highly productive and secure.  


Technology/Tools Research and Evaluation

  • Assist with NMT engine creation, training, testing, and Post-editing strategies.
  • Create filters and file management techniques that bring efficiency to Compass’ processes when facing very large files and/or high volume of files.
  • Assist with research and implementation of existing STT and TTS software and continually upgrade Compass’ capabilities with Polly, Azure, and Google platforms.  
  • Assist with Compass’ efforts in customizing its Plunet ERP platform where all databases are connected for vendors, project metadata, costs, CRM data, and workflow management. Create reports that allow transparency and historical performance parameters to be easily obtained by global staff.