Jan 04, 2022

Language Services Manager

  • Presbyterian Church (USA) A Corporation
  • $59,000 - $75,000 yearly
Full time Translation

Job Description

Position Purpose:  This position manages  the planning, design, measurement, assessment, and improvement of the translation, interpreting, and language services for the Presbyterian Church (USA).

 Job Description

  1. Assess the scope of translation, interpreting, and language needs of the organization, including languages provided and types of services provided.  Make recommendations on appropriate human and technical resources needed to accomplish the completion of language services projects.
  2. Upon completion of the assessment and approval of the recommendations, implement necessary modifications and perform periodic assessments as needed. 
  3. Hire, onboard, train, and manage the Global Language Resources team.  Set work priorities and delegate work assignments. Coordinate work efforts of staff and other resources.
  4. Develop, implement, and manage to performance metrics.  Audit projects to ensure timely, accurate, and high-quality deliverables.
  5. Prepare budgets and set priorities; utilize appropriate analyses and techniques to make informed decisions as to how funds and resources should be applied to work goals.
  6. Generate and analyze reports on project deliverables, issues management and resolution, vendor and expense management and budgets.
  7. Source, recruit, and manage contract linguists as needed or appropriate. Develop and apply minimum competency and credentialling requirements for contract linguists. Develop and implement initial testing requirements for contract linguists, such as test translations and evaluation protocols.
  8. Receive and process invoices from contract linguists and other vendors. Prepare and issue invoices to external client partners.
  9. Manage the translation management system currently in use (XTM Suite) to ensure proper project intake, peak workflow optimization, and efficiency.
  10. Manage linguistic assets such as translation memories, multilingual glossaries, style guides, and quality assurance profiles to ensure maximum leverage, consistency, and quality. 
  11. Schedule regular maintenance and backup of linguistic assets and regular reviews of style guides and multilingual glossaries.
  12. Receive requests for interpretation from client-partners, brief project specifications, source and assign interpreters, ensuring any and all necessary equipment and/or technology applications are available to interpreters as needed. Be present for client-partners at most interpreted events to ensure interpreters are properly assigned and interpretation is delivered.
  13. Seek out, plan, and implement synergies and technology integrations between the translation management system and regular business processes of the organization to achieve greater efficiencies in delivering translation and localization to client-partners.
  14. Manage technology and equipment vendors, achieving the appropriate balance between good financial stewardship and the organization’s needs.
  15. Receive, investigate, document, and respond to translation and/or interpreting quality issues raised by client-partners or other stakeholders. Perform root-cause analysis on significant quality issues, document findings, and recommend remedies.
  16. Through regular courteous and attentive communication, manage internal and external client-partners to ensure that the language services provided meet the client-partners’ needs. 
  17. Engage both the GLR team and other linguistically and culturally appropriate stakeholders to recommend best approaches to translation and interpreting projects, seeking a balance among good financial stewardship, concern for cultural adaptation needs, and quality. Regularly check-in with client partners to ensure their needs are met through the end of each project.

Essential Position Requirements:

Education: Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred


  • Minimum of 5-7 years related project management and employee supervision experience.
  • Minimum 5-7 years working in the language service industry, preferably in diverse roles and in multiple sectors (e.g., translation project management, client/vendor management, translation and website localization, interpreting, interpreter management, etc.).
  • Experience working in church or other faith-based or non-profit organization very helpful.

Required Skills:

  • Strong familiarity with and understanding of translation and interpreting technology, including translation management systems (preferably XTM Suite), business management systems, computer assisted translation tools, machine translation, CRM, onsite simultaneous interpreting equipment, remote simultaneous interpreting software applications, and others.
  • Excellent command of English and one or more additional language(s), verbal and written.
  • Knowledge of translation and interpretation processes and techniques.
  • Ability to onboard, coordinate, mentor, and coach people.
  • Strong customer service skills and ability to create and manage a team committed to the delivery of excellent service.
  • Proven ability to analyze data, using the data to drive decision-making and implement effective resolutions.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to communicate effectively to a wide range of audiences in a diverse environment
  • Proven ability to lead by influence, giving and receiving feedback effectively
  • Strong ability to interpret in the simultaneous and consecutive modes (interpreting credential preferred).
  • Translation and/or localization experience in a variety of contexts and media (credential preferred).
  • Basic application development, integration, and/or computer programming knowledge.
  • Knowledge of the polity and language relevant to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A).

Physical Requirements:

  • Requires the ability to see, hear, speak, type, write, and to move from one location within the building to another while performing tasks.
  • This is a full-time position generally working Monday through Friday. May require the ability to work evening/weekend hours on occasion to support events/programs.
  • Ability to travel occasionally by air and other means of transportation.