Jan 13, 2022

Linguist 译员 (EN-CN / 英译中翻译校对)

  • Morningside, a Questel company
  • Tianjin, China
Full time Translation

Job Description

Position Overview:

Reporting to the relevant Team Leader, and as an integral part of QUESTEL’s Language Services Team, this in-house Chinese Linguist role is responsible for producing high-quality, accurate translations of technical documents, and for revising these documents when necessary.


Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Perform translation and/or editing of documents provided by clients from English to Simplified Chinese        
  • Read, revise, and evaluate translated documents to detect errors in meaning, accuracy, usage, terminology, spelling, grammar, style, tone and syntax
  • Edit translated documents to ensure a true and accurate representation of source document content, adherence to style guides, and compliance with client-specific and country-specific publication specifications        
  • Conduct quality control of translations 
  • Evaluate in-country translator performance and provide support and guidance to translation vendors
  • Manage translation memory and term bases using QUESTEL’s internal system
  • When required, provide some training to new members of staff once fully trained
  • Work on special projects and other duties as assigned by management


Education and Experience: 
Bachelor’s degree in languages, translation, or a technical discipline or excellent command of source and target languages, and at least 1 year professional translation experience.  In addition
, any combination of education, experience and training which provides the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:
教育经历: 语言、翻译或相关专业本科学历,或熟练掌握源语言和目标语言,至少一年的专业翻译经验。 此外,还应具备以下知识、技能和能力的教育、经验和培训经历:  

  • Meticulous attention to detail / 对细节地严格把控  
  • Ability to prioritize and to work to deadlines / 根据工作优先级进行分类,并在最后期限内完成工
  • Experience with CAT tools preferred / 有CAT工具使用经验者优先
  • Ability to comprehend difficult texts in the source language in a wide range of subject matters / 能够理解源语言中各种主题的复杂文本
  • Knowledge of editing and proofreading best practices / 了解编辑和校对的最优方法
  • Ability to detect errors in meaning, usage, terminology, spelling, grammar, style, tone, and syntax / 能够发现在表达含义,用法,术语,拼写,语法,风格,语气和句法的错误  
  • Ability to follow country-specific editing guidelines and editing formats / 能够遵循特定国家的编辑指南和编辑格式  
  • Exceptional research skills, analytical, organizational, and interpersonal communication skills / 优秀的研究能力、分析能力、组织能力和人际沟通能力  
  • Ability to effectively multi-task in stressful situations / 在压力情景下能够有效地同时处理多项任务
  • Ability to work independently, but also collaborate with others as a team / 既具备独立工作的能力,也具备良好的团队合作能力
  • Highly motivated with a willingness to take initiative and complete assignments / 积极主动地完成工作任务
  • Ability to stay on task with minimal supervision and regularly report on progress / 能够在最少的监督下完成任务,并定期汇报进度
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office / 熟练使用微软办公软件  
  • Participate in a culture of responsiveness to strengthen relationships and ensure the needs and time of others are met and respected / 参与积极响应的文化,以加强联系,确保满足和尊重他人的需求和时间